My Turning Point

My story is like many others, but what makes it different is that I chased my destiny through the fear, making it my friend and never giving in to it. This gave me the life experience and lessons I needed to create powerful tools that quickly and effectively take you where you need to be, saving you time, money and stress.

So, a little about my early journey: When I was 21, I left my home country with just £200 in my pocket and made my way to the UK. I’d arranged to stay with a friend and her boyfriend, but one day, when I refused to have sex with him, he asked me to leave first thing in the morning. Fear kept me awake throughout the night, but I used this time to connect to source and set my intentions, visualising the best possible outcome.

When I left the next morning, I walked around London, and paying attention to my intuition I walked into a health food shop with my pennies. The man behind the counter asked me how I was. Not knowing the correct response should be ‘fine thank you’ or similar, I told him…

‘I’m not good. I’m homeless and I am looking for a job and I need find one and a home today. That’s when a miracle happened.

The man was actually the shop owner, and he needed someone to cook for his heavily pregnant wife and so, after weeks of me looking to find work without success, I had a job and a roof over my head. Of course, I knew this would only be a temporary fix, but it gave me breathing space and I’d just learned that miracles do happen. I decided there and then to learn how to meet miracles by being open to them and it’s been an educating journey.

When I was 21 I met a bad boyfriend and a good shop owner. This was my destiny and a time of important discovery for me. I realised that fear can be crucial to finding your path and purpose. As human beings, we do everything we can to push away the fear, when instead we should love it … lean into it and embrace it, otherwise it can cheat us out of our true destiny.

My journey has been enlightening and through it, I know my purpose is to be here with you, sharing life-changing tools, methods and knowledge to help you succeed.

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