I’ve been called a transformational coach, a seer, a healer, a visionary, a soul messenger, an intuitive, a clarity doctor and a pathfinder to name but a few, but these are just labels.

What I do for you, is as individual as you are and one thing you can be sure of is, when we are done, you will have greater clarity and be able to step into your cloak of greatness … just as you were born to wear it.

My methods and programmes are both quick and effective and I’m able to cut straight to the heart of the matter, identify the blocks and give you the solutions you need to move forward.

I am the creator of a powerful method called The Expansion Game that turns the biggest fears into the biggest successes.

Over the past 20 years I’ve been fortunate enough to assist thousands of people make outstanding decisions in their lives by helping them to clear their fears and use their intuition with confidence. … and I would love to help you get the clarity you need to make the changes you desire.

It’s time for you to move forward with clarity.

Time to live more, be more and make a bigger difference in the world.

Time for Expansion and time to embrace your destiny by clearing whatever is holding you back.

"Before I met Gosia the growth in my business had come to a standstill. I was working harder and harder trying to reverse the situation. After one session with Gosia, I learnt to let go and to manifest the things I want to happen. Gosia helped me restructure my career vision ad redefine my reasons behind striving for success. I now feel in control of my destiny and am able to do less to generate more. It’s the best investment I ever made."

Nicky Hambleton-Johnes

Managing Director, Tramp2vamp, Author , TV presenter

“Gosia is truly gifted at helping people achieve transformation in their lives. As some of you know I have a vision, to help people combat loneliness via my company ... Bee In Company. An opportunity to live a joyful and fulfilled life, happy in the company of like minded people. Until I worked with Gosia I was frightened of just how big my vision was. Within a few minutes (I kid you not!!) she helped me to recognise not only my own limiting beliefs but also the value in the work I wanted to do. Spending time with her is a gift that I give myself. “

Heena Thaker
Creator of Bee In Company

“Having worked with Gosia, I can see why she was named transformational coach of the year.

When doing the Expansion Game with Gosia on a relationship issue that had been deeply troubling me, at the start of the exercise my desired outcome seemed a million miles away.

By the end of the exercise it seemed not just possible but something that I really wanted to do. I'm pleased to report that just two weeks after working with Gosia, that important relationship that had seemed doomed to failure had been resurrected with meetings, days out, joy, love and smiles. I can't thank Gosia enough.”

Suzanne Dibble
Co-founder of The Empress Collective

‘Gosia is the most transformational coach that I have ever met and I have met many throughout my corporate career. Her Expansion Game is phenomenal and shifted my biggest fear to move me along my journey of finding my purpose and passion. She enabled me to leave 22 years of corporate life, with clear purpose and direction.

Gosia is wonderful in her support of change makers, giving them direction and clarity on the way forward. She helps them to harness heir intuition and purpose in a very remarkable and focussed way. The intensive coaching day I spent with her was the most challenging and enjoyable day I have ever experienced. My fears and limiting beliefs vanished before my eyes."

Talita Ferreira, Director of Authentic Change Solutions, Author of Authenticity Resolved

“I have found working with Gosia has really focused me on my passion and real destiny in life. She has an extraordinary and perceptive approach to seeing the potential in people and being able to articulate it clearly and very powerfully.

Her words bring clarity and purpose and open up new vistas and pathways to follow. She is like a painter of choice and possibility for her clients. For me it has been a change in career from being a property surveyor to a successful singer which I now realise is what my purpose really is! Gosia is quite simply an enabler and life changer.”

Neil Simon
Opera Singer

“I heard Gosia present at the Aspire leadership conference and she taught me a technique to manage my fear whilst I was on the event and I have used it in preparation for a presentation I had this Thursday. …and it worked an absolute treat! I delivered a very successful speech on leadership to over 100 people at the British Quality Foundation Winner’s Event. I received some really good feedback too! Without Gosia’s advice I don’t think I would have been able to have done that – so thank you ever so much.”

Bea Wheeler
Locality Manager South London, Tri-Borough and London Residential Rehabilitation Services

"I have worked with Gosia for over 10 years and her gifts of intuition, insight, seeing and sensing are “extra-ordinary”.  She uses gentle yet profound inquiry and offers clear, helpful processes to unblock my own historic, entrenched and unhelpful patterns.   She has taught me to access and rely on my own intuition in ways that have made my coaching, facilitation, business and life decisions much easier, more fluid and more fun.   She has helped me and my business to really thrive.  And I will often invite clients to come to her for a booster when they’re seeking fast tracks to find their own purpose or calling and healing."

Deborah Henderson, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Culture Transformation Consultant.  Founder and CEO of Centre for Inspired Leadership

"I can honestly say that my coaching relationship with Gosia has transformed all aspects of my life. Gosia helped me to play with my fears , think with my heart and to lead with love and care.  Its no coincidence that I achieved promotion to Chief Executive."

Sue Amies-King , Chief Executive, Water Plus

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