Be the source of inspiration in times of Corona Crisis

by | 2 April 2020

More than ever before we have a chance to step into our true source of peace. If you are reading this post, most likely you are a leader and people look to you for reassurance and inspiration. So take great care of yourself now so you can shine even more brightly.

The world needs you!

In this video I am talking about how to shift your energy so are at your best:

  1. Take time first in the morning to reconnect with feeling good. Make feeling good your first priority. Meditate, move, read inspiring things before you even get informed about what is happening in the world.
  2. Do an experiment and UNPLUG for a whole day or many hours from social media and the news. Only focus on things that build you, inspire you, connect you closer with your soul or upgrade your life to the next level. Compare how you feel now to how you feel when you stay plugged in all the time.
  3. Come back to your body and take care of your challenging emotions. Embrace the feelings – they are a blessing… Use The Expansion Game or EFT to clear the energy. Dance, breathe and do whatever it takes to shift your energy.
  4. Use this fascinating time to upgrade your life to the next level. Use it to the highest advantage and create the life you want now.
  5. Use the power of BLESSING. Bless people around you; bless people in the shops, and on public transport. Bless your family and friends with long lives, perfect health and abundance. Send them love. This boosts YOUR IMMUNITY and make them feel good as well.
  6. Reconnect with gratitude several times a day. Write down things you feel grateful for – feel the gratitude in your body. If you feel grateful to others tell them how you feel in order to uplift their sprit.
  7. See what is happening in the world from a bigger picture and focus on the benefits. Choose to be a part of the solution in helping shape a New World. In times of overwhelm use my mediation called ‘Return to Peace in times of Corona Crisis’.

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