Create The New World – Part 1

by | 7 May 2020

​Your Daily Routine to create the NEW WORLD

Join me for daily mediations to create the New World.

Let’s focus on creating the best possible reality for yourself, people you know, the country you live in, and the whole planet. If we do this 3 times a day; (morning, afternoon and evening), we will create a powerful field of high and positive energy.
This will create miracles. How you feel, your intentions and actions make a huge difference to what is happening on the planet right now. Collectively we have a greater power to make a real difference.

Create the New World Meditation

Preparing for your meditation

  1. Make a list of how would you like your life to be like by end of this challenging period we are in.
    • What do you want to change in your life?
    • How do you want to feel?
    • What do you want to achieve?
    • What difference do you want to make?
    • What positive and loving intentions do you have for your family and friends?
    • Write also your positive vision for the country and the planet
  2. Write a future script as if everything has already taken place.
    Write an vision of your best possible future in a few months from now. Include in it a picture of how you would like the world to look like.

    My example: ‘ I am so grateful that the time of the quarantine has been incredible. I felt peaceful, calm and happy. I stayed focused and connected to my soul and created a successful podcast, phone app that helped millions of people to turn fear into love, tidied every part of my house, which made me feel wonderful. I exercised and danced every day, which made me fit, strong and healthy. The time of this amazing retreat was so good for me on every level. This free time created a space for me to make a difference to millions of people around the world. The world has changed around us for the better. We started taking greater care of each other, the planet and ourselves. New ways and technologies have been implemented that help people to be happy, healthy and wealthy. Our mother earth is delighted that we have changed the way we operate. We have clean air, clean land, food and water. Everybody lives in their hearts and makes wise decisions. Thank you. It is done, it is done, it is done..”

  3. Practise the following meditation, ideally 3 times a day.
    • Focus on your heart with feelings of gratitude.
    • See the light pouring out of your heart in all directions clearing away the old and bringing blessing and love into all aspects of your life. See the light reaching everybody, shifting, healing and bringing great positive changes on the planet.
    • Bless yourself while visualising the best possible reality unfolding in your life
    • Bless your family, friends and everybody you know. See great things happening in their lives. See them well and happy.
    • Bless the country you live in and all the people. See the country thriving and better than ever before.

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