Many of us are currently in the process of planning the New Year.

I would love to share with you something that may help in setting your goals and making your 2020 successful, effortless and joyful. It is great to utilise both mind and the heart when you set your intentions. However starting with the heart first is very effective because it puts you in an expansive and creative state.

Heart-based goals

I wonder if you have ever struggled to achieve a goal? Or when you achieved it, it didn’t feel particularly fulfilling?

On the other hand, have you ever been deeply drawn to do something and it happened with ease and lightness as if the whole universe conspired for you to succeed?

In the first case moving towards your goal may have been filled with trying too hard or what I like to call – pushing. The second situation was more effortless and joyful. This is a difference between ego-based and heart-based goals.When you allow your heart to do ‘the goal setting’ you will know what you need to do to live your best possible future.

The desires, which are whispered by your soul, will guide you to where you need to go on the next step of your evolution. When you allow yourself to dance with your heart-felt desires the journey will feel more effortless. There can be challenges as part of the process but it may not feel like hard work becouse you are guided by the energy of your soul showing you where you need to go next in your life.

Allow yourself to listen and respond to your heart-felt dreams as it will lead you towards people and situations, which are there to help you grow, expand, and become more of who you are in your essence. Instead of the effort of doing too much, trying, pushing and working too hard – allow your heart to direct you to what is meant to be birthed into your life now. When you make your heart the centre point of your manifestation process experiencing miracles will become an every day occurrence.

I would love you to play with me now to reconnect with your heart-based intentions for this year ahead.

Allowing more joy

The heart-born dreams are very much aligned with joy and the following exercise will allow you to reconnect with what gives you the biggest joy. Please give yourself some quiet time with your favourite drink in a peaceful inspiring environment. In your notebook write the following sentence:

If I allowed myself more joy in life I would…

Keep on writing without analysing, till you reach about 20 -30 sentences. Allow yourself to flow and have fun. Start each line with the same sentence:

If I allowed myself more joy in life …..

Some of the ideas which may flow out of you may surprise you, so allow yourself to continue writing until you feel you are absolutely done.

Here are the first few sentences, which came up when I was doing this exercise myself:

  • If I allowed myself more joy in life I would plan my whole year by putting into my calendar first, the things which will deeply nourish me such as holidays, wonderful weekends away, regular romantic dates, and other events, which bring pure delight and fun.
  • If I allowed myself more joy in life I would go back to my regular dancing.
  • If I allowed myself more joy in life I would spend the whole month on a warm island swimming every day in the sea and walking in the mountains, having yoga, healthy juices and massage every day.
  • If I allowed more joy in my life I would write my next book effortlessly and straight from my heart.
  • If allowed more joy in my life I would start running regular Expansion Days for a small group of Change Makers.
  • If I allowed more joy in my life I would make regular videos in moments of great inspiration and share them generously with my tribe.
  • If I allowed more joy in my life I would frequently slow down to breathe and enjoy every single moment of my life.
  • If I allowed more joy in my life I would start every day with 1 hour of yoga and meditation.
  • If allowed more joy in my life I would be more tender and gentle with myself every day.
  • If allowed more joy in my life I would spend more time in nature walking barefoot.

Please read slowly the list of your joys imagining that this is how you are living your life right now. You may feel more excited about your year ahead because you have reconnected with what you need to do now to ensure your year will be nourishing and delightful.

Incorporate your joys when setting your goals for 2020.

Wishing you the most joyous, expansive and miraculous year!

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