Switch Your Intuitive Genius on!

by | 10 May 2020

  1. You have an intuitive guiding system available to you at all times. Use it more often and your intuitive muscles will grow stronger.
  2. Become friends with your intuition and discover how it wants to communicate with you.
  3. Open your channels of receiving.
    • The most powerful way to hear the whispers of your soul is to simply be STILL.
    • Do something every day that elevates your spirit. (Example: spend time in nature, do yoga, dancing, looking at the sea, creative writing or deep breathing.
  4. When you feel deeply relaxed ask wise questions.
    Wise questions feel good and always take you directly towards where you want to go.
    Write the answers down.
  5. Enjoy the meditation at the end of this video and share with others.

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