Today started so well, I mediated and had a long yoga session. I went into the kitchen and lovingly cooked the most delicious beetroot soup, made according to 5 flavors of health; it was very healthy and balanced. What made it really special were the broad beans, the white miso and the fresh dill. It was mind-blowingly delicious and it looked so lovely! As I was cooking, my soup, I began to realize that I had a lot to do before my meeting at 1pm and I started moving faster and doing many things at once.

The habit of doing things speedily overtook my consciousness.
I took my soup upstairs and sat down in front of my computer to read some emails while eating. Suddenly I looked down inside the soup bowl and I realized it was gone!
The soup was gone and I had no recollection of how delicious, nourishing and amazing it was. I sat for a while stunned with what I had just done.

The truth is, it wasn’t the first time in my life that I have done this to myself. I closed my eyes and remembered that one of my wishes for this year was to allow a lot more joy and pleasure into every moment of my life. Sadly I have totally missed the opportunity to enjoy my beetroot soup! As I sat with my eyes closed, a gentle message arrived from deep inside me, “Slow down to dive deeper into your pleasure.” I went down to the kitchen and poured another bowl of soup.

This time I ate it slowly, chewing mindfully, appreciating its color. The pleasure and joy began to spread throughout my body and soul. I felt alive and grateful. I still feel the delight of this morning nourishing experience as I am writing these words for you. Please slow down in life to dive deeper into your pleasure!

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