Where is your true source of safety?

by | 2 April 2020

At the moment, I am observing 2 opposite movements in the world. Some people are dropping deeper into fear and losing hope and others are diving into a greater sense of peace and serenity.

How can we breathe deeper and feel grateful for what is happening? (How are you feeling in terms of your emotional safety? What do you need right to find comfort in the midst of these incredible changes? How can we find peace right now?

Here are some examples of what can bring about more peace for you right now:

  1. Trust that there is a greater plan to what is happening. Part of the plan is to upgrade us as humanity. We are called to wake up, create a better way to live, to work, eat, and look after the planet and ourselves. Pausing and ‘going inside’ was a necessary path to achieving this. The reset will bring great blessings. Take part in building the new world. Have your say in creating what you want.
  2. Do not fight or resist what is happening. Embrace it with love and ride on the waves of change like a surfer rides on the waves in a stormy sea.
  3. Dive deeper into your core essence. Come back to your body. Embrace all of the physical and emotional feelings. Reconnect with your soul. Breathe deeply, meditate or pray. Feel the peace and inner power that is arising from connecting to your stillness.
    (Switch off the TV, your phone and social media for an extended period every day.)
  4. Tap into your intuition and creativity. Ask yourself expansive questions on a daily bases when you are in your stillness. Some of the possible questions include:
    • In order to use this time to the highest advantage what do I need to know?
    • In order for this time to be a blessing how do I need to be?
    • What do I need to do to upgrade my life to the next level of greatness?
    • What do I need to focus on for the next few days that will bring more peace, serenity and expansion in my life?
    • How I am called to serve others?
    • What can I do now to be a source of value, love and inspiration?
  5. Decide to view this challenging time as a huge opportunity for positive change. Take steps to create a better world for yourself and others. Do what you always wanted. Let go of perfection and create. Play your part in creating the new world. How would you like the new world to look? If you could have a significant impact in making a difference what would you like to do?
  6. Know that there are a lot of things you can do to boost immunity quickly, including taking more vitamin C, propolis, D3. Speak to a homeopath about how the Arsenic album 30 C can help you stay strong and healthy. Spend 3 times daily on focusing on gratitude for 10 minutes. Keep away from mobile phones as much as possible and change a WiFi for a simple cable.
  7. Connect with the divine love and the angelic support. Ask for help. ( Use my meditation at the end of this video). Use the power of blessing. Hold positive intentions for yourself and the planet.

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