The Expansion Game Workshop

A powerful one-day course,
based on the best-selling book
“The Expansion Game”, by Gosia Gorna.
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A fun day of transformation to release your fears and tap into your brilliance!

Do you ever wonder why you’re not making more progress or reaching your goals?

In most cases, it is fear that holds us back and prevents us from truly reaching our potential. When we are able to release those fears, we set in motion a chain of events that enable us to access our natural state of brilliance, giving us the clarity to make a bigger difference in the world.

Over 10 years ago I developed “The Expansion Game”- a unique and highly effective method for releasing fear. Since then I have had the privilege of helping thousands of people to clear their fears, use their intuition with confidence and make life-changing decisions.

I would love to help you too and so I am inviting you to join me and learn how to use this amazing process to let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and fears that are stopping you from living your best life.

Turn your biggest fears into your biggest successes!

Expansion Game Sessions – 3 examples

This workshop will help you to…

  • Use the Expansion Game to transform your life
  • Turn your biggest fears into your biggest successes
  • Find clarity quickly and make brilliant decisions
  • Say “goodbye” to hiding, procrastination and playing small!
  • Live the life you were meant to live with confidence

Behind your fears there is a greater you

This programme is for YOU if:

  • you are feeling blocked and frustrated in some areas of your life
  • you have great ideas and unique talents but fear is stopping you from taking effective action and moving forward

The Expansion Game is simple and incredibly powerful and yet you can learn how to use it in just one day! So come along to the course and find out how to become a more effective and successful version of yourself.

A fun day of transformation to release your fears and tap into your brilliance!


Info about the next Expansion Game Workshop will be confirmed soon.

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