The Successful Heart

From the heart springs love, life and happiness and how you use yours determines the life you lead.

In this simple and effective programme, Gosia teaches you how to connect deeply with your heart to manifest your dreams effortlessly to start living the life you truly desire.

Whatever your wishes and goals may be – better health, a loving relationship, finding your life’s work or feeling happier – you will find something in The Successful Heart Method that you can use for the rest of your life

What’s on the CDs

CD 1 has an introduction followed by how to harness the power of your heart to attract what you want.

There are 3 crucially important emotions in the law of attraction:

  • the power of appreciation
  • the power of blessing
  • the power of love

Next, my 5-step manifestation process supports you in manifesting specific wishes in your life.

CD 2 consists of three powerful meditations to support you through the day.

1. Morning meditation

This meditation only takes 10 minutes. Listen to it daily or as often as it feels right.

It helps you tune in to your heart and feel good as soon as you wake up. Do it on a regular basis and it changes things in a magical way making your life more peaceful, joyful and more successful.

Experience the power of synchronicity bringing people, situations, circumstances and new opportunities to you, but most importantly begin to feel really good.

2. Evening meditation 

This meditation completes your day in a loving way, preparing you for a deep, nourishing and restful sleep. Relax your whole body and mind. Let go and send your body a deeply loving and appreciative message.

Take your CD to bed and listen. Fall asleep hearing deeply relaxing and reassuring affirmations.

3. Visualise your dream into reality

This powerful visualisation technique helps you manifest a specific wish by using all your senses enhanced by powerful positive emotions including gratitude, blessings and love.


‘I met Gosia at an ASPIRE conference recently. She is an absolute ‘pocket rocket’. I’ve started listening to her morning meditation session every day and have found I’m becoming more and more positive and the people that I need in my life are naturally coming to me. I can’t thank-you enough Gosia xxx

Andrea Steeden-Crane

Programme Manager – Fuel Cycle at EDF Energy

“I simply love this cd. I’ve used it to help me through challenging times in my own life as well as recommending it to patients and clients. As a sleep expert I particularly recommend listening to the sleep track if you’re having problems sleeping. Uplifting, inspiring and really practical too.”

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, author of Tired But Wired

“My life has changed so much for the better, beyond belief, since I started connecting to my heart. It is so powerful. I’ve learnt adopting gratitude and blessings in my daily life – for everything and everyone, including myself! This has had a huge positive impact on my life. I’m now healthier, happier, luckier, peaceful and more prosperous! It’s so simple yet incredibly powerful. I am so grateful for what I believe is a miracle.”

Mary-Jane Marsh

“I was one of those people who say meditation is not for me… till I got Gosia’s CD. Her gentle voice makes me calmer and very relaxed. I find it very useful in the evening it really helps me to switch off and fall asleep like a baby. Using Gosia’s program can help you to change your attitude towards life, yourself and others and help you on your journey to your dreams.”

Aneta Stachowska, coach

“Gosia’s unique approach to re-focusing mind energy and stimulating productivity whilst creating peace of mind during periods of rapid change and stress, is a testament to her process and her gifts. As a Brand Impact specialist, my work with her in the boardroom has proved more valuable than I ever anticipated. I recommend Gosia’s methods and her approach for forward thinking organisations and individuals”

Daniel Forhwein, Brand Impact Specialist

“This CD  has transformed my life for the better, my mood has hugely improved; it has significantly affected my performance and happiness. I can’t recommend it enough. I have overcome cancer and Gosia’s coaching and CD have been profoundly responsible for my recovery.”

Clauida Melli, The Creator of The London School of Pleasure

“Gosia’s meditation tapes are easy to access, short and can be transported literally anywhere . . . I use the morning meditation pretty much every day and it sets me up for a great day – whatever lies ahead!! It gives me 10 minutes before the day gets going when I can move from ‘mind-full’ to the much more resourceful state of ‘mind-ful’ I love Gosia’s straightforward, no nonsense approach coupled with a deeply caring and passionate warmth that you can’t help but connect with well worth the investment! “

HR VP Global Talent

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